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What is shared web hosting?

April 13th, 2009

Shared web hosting is where your website is hosted on one server with anywhere from 1 to 100 other websites.  Shared web hosting accounts are limited in features, but are generally ideal for people just getting started in web hosting. For example, with a shared web hosting account, you have limited control over your web hosting account. Limited control is not necessarily a bad thing. Most shared web hosting companies give you plenty of control over over your web hosting account to publish a website, create email addresses, check email, upload files, create databases, and install software such as a blog, cms, forum, and so on.

Security and your shared web hosting account

There’s a difference in the security of your shared web hosting account and the security of your visitors purchasing items on your website or providing you with personal information. Since your web hosting account is residing on the same server with hundreds of other shared web hosting accounts, your website is more vulnerable than if you had your own virtual private server, virtual dedicated server, or managed dedicated server.

If you plan on offering products and services on your website or asking visitors for personal information, you need to purchase and install a 128-bit SSL security certificate.

Shared web hosting uptime

Since shared web hosting accounts reside on servers with hundreds of other web hosting accounts, they are more likely to be have service interruptions and possible downtime. If one of the web hosting accounts runs a script that utilizes 100% of the server’s resources, your website will go down. Your website will stay down and offline until the data center technicians finds the rogue account and stop the script from running. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. There may be additional harm caused by the rogue account that may take more time for the server to be available again.

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