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What is a virtual private server (VPS)?

April 15th, 2009

A virtual private server (VPS) is a combination of a dedicated server and shared web hosting. Like a dedicated server, you get full control over your virtual private server including root access. But unlike a dedicated server, your VPS is residing on one server with multiple VPS accounts - similar to shared web hosting.

Make sure your VPS is hardened

A reliable VPS provider will harden your VPS before they hand over the keys. In some cases, a VPS provider may charge you additional fees to harden your VPS account. If you do not see “server hardening” included in your monthly price, contact the hosting provider’s sales channel and ask. Consequences of not hardening your VPS can be devastating. Hackers can shut your system down, post unwanted information on your website, steal your visitor’s personal information, and so on. Don’t tread those dangerous waters alone - ask for assistance.

Get more for your money

A reliable virtual private server will cost between $35-$100 a month. The cost may be more than a shared web hosting account, but you get more for your money. For example, you can install any software application on your VPS. You can configure your VPS (if you are familiar with system administration) to work exactly as you want. And unlike a shared web hosting account, if another VPS account on the same server decides to run a rogue process, it will not affect your VPS account. Finally, you can create as many shared web hosting accounts on your VPS as you want. Each shared web hosting account can have its own domain, email, and resources.

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