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April 22nd, 2009

turnkeylogo_sloganCompany Name: Turnkey Internet

Website: http://www.turnkeyinternet.com

Year Established: 1999

Founder: Adam Wills

Location: Albany, New York

Web Hosting Services: Virtual Private Servers, Shared Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers

Control Panels Offered: cPanel, Plesk, ServerCP, Webmin

Why I choose Turnkey Internet for virtual private servers.

Turnkey Internet has a 10 year track record in the web hosting industry. Based in Albany, NY, Turnkey Internet is a top-notch provider of virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers. Turnkey Internet offers fully managed VPS accounts. That means they will monitor and maintain your virtual private server without charging you additional fees. If you have never leased a VPS or dedicated server, you need to take advantage of a company that offers fully managed services as part of your monthly plan.

daveonwebhosting.com is hosted with Turnkey Internet. I have been extremely happy with the service. Keep in mind that I’ve been working with hosting companies for over 10 years. There are several VPS hosting companies that are great, but Turnkey Internet tops the chart when it comes to overall value, quality, and price. Plus they run monthly specials so you can be sure to get a great deal.

Aside from the fully managed aspect of VPS accounts, Turnkey Internet founder and owner Adam Wills makes it a point to contact you when you signup. Wills goes the extra mile to give you all the information you need to get started with your VPS. Once you order your new VPS account, it generally takes about four hours to setup. Then they hand over the keys and you have a fully hardened, ready-to-go virtual private servers.

Support requests take anywhere from 15 minutes and up depending on the complexity of your issue. Since I’ve been hosting with Turnkey Internet, I have not had any major issues and support has always resolved and/or answered any questions thoroughly.

Visit the Turnkey Internet website today!

Visit Turnkey Internet now to learn more about virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and other leading server hosting solutions.

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