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What is a semi-managed server?

May 17th, 2009

A semi-managed server is a combination of server management services provided by a team of experienced server technicians and the organization leasing the server. Both parties will share the responsibility of installing software, applying security updates, monitoring, and hardware configuration to keep servers running at peak performance.

Available services on semi-managed servers

The same services on managed servers can be provided on semi-managed servers. With semi-managed servers, you can choose which options you want your dedicated server hosting company to provide. Generally, a semi-managed server hosting company will allow you to select two or more items from a list of services for a fixed monthly cost.

Semi-managed servers are ideal for experienced system administrators. The most poopular services requested on semi-managed servers are remote monitoring and backups. Dedicated hosting companies have the infrastructure, software, and hardware to perform monitoring and backups, which could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month.

You pick and choose

Some semi-managed dedicated server providers offer pre-configured packages with the ability to purchase additional services a la carte. View the What is a managed dedicated server? article for a full list of services available on semi-managed dedicated servers.

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