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This directory is different than any other web hosting directory available on the Internet. I only add companies that I have researched and spent time getting to know executives that run the hosting companies. I do not allow just any web hosting company to add their listing. The companies you see listed have specific credentials they must meet prior to being listed. Some of the credentials include the following.

The credentials

  • Must be a legitimate web hosting company, not a one person, one server, managed from an apartment bedroom web hosting company. Although some companies started out that way (I’ll indicate which ones in specific interviews and articles), they have now grown into viable, customer-oriented, legitimate businesses.
  • Uniqueness in the web hosting market. The hosting company must offer something unique and valuable to its customers. I have plenty of examples I will be sharing with you.
  • Reputation in the hosting industry as a prominent leader. As an industry veteran with over ten years in the hosting industry, I have been working with hosting companies long enough to know which companies are reputable.
  • A nice website. Yes, it’s really important that a hosting company take the time and money to invest in a nicely designed and easy-to-use website. Otherwise it’s a big turn off. Although some of the hosting companies you see in the list below could use a few modifications to their existing website, they still provide excellent services and pricing for the niche markets they serve.

The following list is currently identical to the top web hosting companies list.

Shared Web Hosting


Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Hosting

Turnkey Internet

Dedicated Servers Hosting


Steadfast Networks


Top Cloud Hosting Companies

The Rackspace Cloud

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