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What is a virtual dedicated server (VDS)?

A virtual dedicated server (VDS) is similar to a virtual private server (VPS), but typically offers more resources and control over your server.

Main features of a virtual dedicated server (VDS)

  • you can run your own Linux or Windows operating system (OS)
  • guaranteed amounts of CPU, RAM
  • designed and configured for websites and applications that require more power
  • easy transition to a dedicated server

Flow of hosting upgrades

  1. shared web hosting
  2. virtual private server
  3. virtual dedicated server
  4. dedicated server

As you can see above, a virtual dedicated server is the step between a virtual private server and a dedicated server. Whether you start with a shared web hosting account, virtual private server, or virtual dedicate server, you can easily upgrade to a dedicated server. Hosting companies make it easy to move your website and web based applications to a higher performance machine. Most hosting providers will transition your website and web based applications at no additional charge.

See the differences between a virtual dedicated server (VDS) and a virtual private server (VPS) article to learn more.

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