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Turnkey Internet

April 22nd, 2009

turnkeylogo_sloganCompany Name: Turnkey Internet


Year Established: 1999

Founder: Adam Wills

Location: Albany, New York

Web Hosting Services: Virtual Private Servers, Shared Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers

Control Panels Offered: cPanel, Plesk, ServerCP, Webmin

Why I choose Turnkey Internet for virtual private servers.

Turnkey Internet has a 10 year track record in the web hosting industry. Based in Albany, NY, Turnkey Internet is a top-notch provider of virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers. Turnkey Internet offers fully managed VPS accounts. That means they will monitor and maintain your virtual private server without charging you additional fees. If you have never leased a VPS or dedicated server, you need to take advantage of a company that offers fully managed services as part of your monthly plan. is hosted with Turnkey Internet. I have been extremely happy with the service. Keep in mind that I’ve been working with hosting companies for over 10 years. There are several VPS hosting companies that are great, but Turnkey Internet tops the chart when it comes to overall value, quality, and price. Plus they run monthly specials so you can be sure to get a great deal.

Aside from the fully managed aspect of VPS accounts, Turnkey Internet founder and owner Adam Wills makes it a point to contact you when you signup. Wills goes the extra mile to give you all the information you need to get started with your VPS. Once you order your new VPS account, it generally takes about four hours to setup. Then they hand over the keys and you have a fully hardened, ready-to-go virtual private servers.

Support requests take anywhere from 15 minutes and up depending on the complexity of your issue. Since I’ve been hosting with Turnkey Internet, I have not had any major issues and support has always resolved and/or answered any questions thoroughly.

Visit the Turnkey Internet website today!

Visit Turnkey Internet now to learn more about virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and other leading server hosting solutions.

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April 17th, 2009

shCompany Name: SingleHop


Year Established: 2006

Founder: Zak Boca

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Web Hosting Services: Dedicated Servers, Managed Servers, Semi-Managed Servers, Unmanaged Servers

Control Panels Offered: cPanel, Plesk

Why I choose SingleHop for dedicated servers.

SingleHop is one of the top leading managed dedicated servers in the industry. The SingleHop website is user-friendly, clean, and designed really well. One of the major factors in growing a dedicated server company is having a website that’s presentable, usable, and fun to view. By fun I mean Poindexter, SingleHop’s amphibious mascot. Poindexter greets you on every page of the website, thereby creating a fun atmosphere while browsing for your next dedicated server.

Pricing - high quality services at competitive prices make SingleHop one of the most popular dedicated server hosting companies. In fact, the company just released a blog post April 17, 2009 on Q1 2009 sales being up 400% compared to Q1 2008. SingleHop provisioned 1,000 dedicated servers in Q1 2009 alone, with 500 of those in one month! If a hosting provider provides statistics on growth, imagine what kind of support you’ll be getting when you choose SingleHop as your next dedicated server hosting company.

Zack Boca and Dan Ushman, co-founders of SingleHop, built their infrastructure in downtown Chicago, Il, at the center of connectivity for the ultimate in bandwidth and power availability. With SingleHop, you can get the same hardware and software as other leading companies, but you get more - they provide a solid network, superior support, and consistently reinvest profits to improve services.

When it comes to innovation, SingleHop tops the chart with their LEAP webtop. LEAP webtop is a web-based control panel that sits on your desktop and gives you full access to managing your server. The control panel comes free with every dedicated server account and saves customers time by offering features such as

  • Fully integrated account management, support, billing and server management features
  • One interface, one password to remember
  • Unique Jump-to-SSH and Jump-to-RDP features

SingleHop also created LEAP mobile for managing your server via your cell phone, iphone, or any mobile phone with Internet access.

Visit the SingleHop website today!

Visit SingleHop now to learn more about managed dedicated server solutions.

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What is a dedicated server?

April 15th, 2009

A dedicated server is a machine similar to your home computer or your computer at work (read the What is a server? post). A dedicated server gives you full control including root access.

Types of dedicated servers.

Dedicated server providers offer three types of servers - managed, semi-managed, and unmanaged. People choose one type over the other for many different reasons. Reasons include budget, system administration skill, number of servers required, server’s objective, and more.

Terms you should know.

The following is a list of terms you will see used throughout the web hosting industry and with web hosting providers and companies that offer dedicated server hosting.

  • Clusters - Multiple servers connected together to increase capacity.
  • Server farm - Multiple servers, but may or may not be connected together.
  • Server hardening - Implementing security measures to prevent hacking and data theft.
  • RAID - Multiple disks that server multiple purposes (backup, mirroring, load balancing, etc.)
  • Disaster recovery - Bringing servers online after natural disasters occur to keep an organization running.
  • Backups - Frequent snapshots of server data used to restore servers in case of failure or disaster recovery.
  • Mirroring - Real-time duplicate of one or multiple servers used to keep a website or application running in case one server crashes.
  • Load balancing - Multiple servers connected together that share resources when traffic gets heavy or more resources are required to sustain uptime.
  • Firewall - A combination of hardware and software designed to keep hackers and intruders out of your server.
  • High-availability - Server configurations designed for websites and applications that require 100% uptime.
  • Monitoring - Both software and data center technicians monitor your server for possible issues, vulnerabilities, uptime, and more.

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What is a virtual private server (VPS)?

April 15th, 2009

A virtual private server (VPS) is a combination of a dedicated server and shared web hosting. Like a dedicated server, you get full control over your virtual private server including root access. But unlike a dedicated server, your VPS is residing on one server with multiple VPS accounts - similar to shared web hosting.

Make sure your VPS is hardened

A reliable VPS provider will harden your VPS before they hand over the keys. In some cases, a VPS provider may charge you additional fees to harden your VPS account. If you do not see “server hardening” included in your monthly price, contact the hosting provider’s sales channel and ask. Consequences of not hardening your VPS can be devastating. Hackers can shut your system down, post unwanted information on your website, steal your visitor’s personal information, and so on. Don’t tread those dangerous waters alone - ask for assistance.

Get more for your money

A reliable virtual private server will cost between $35-$100 a month. The cost may be more than a shared web hosting account, but you get more for your money. For example, you can install any software application on your VPS. You can configure your VPS (if you are familiar with system administration) to work exactly as you want. And unlike a shared web hosting account, if another VPS account on the same server decides to run a rogue process, it will not affect your VPS account. Finally, you can create as many shared web hosting accounts on your VPS as you want. Each shared web hosting account can have its own domain, email, and resources.

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April 14th, 2009

Shared Web Hosting by HostGator

Company Name: HostGator


Year Established: 2002

Founder: Brent Oxley

Location: Houston, Texas

Web Hosting Services: Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting

Control Panels Offered: cPanel

Why I choose HostGator for shared web hosting services.

I have watched HostGator grow from a few hundred customers to over 100,000 customers. Brent Oxley, founder of HostGator, started the company from his dorm room back in 2002 while attending a Florida community college. Oxley says he repeatedly had to leave business class to answer support tickets, support emails, and answer support calls. After attending school for one year, Oxley decided that in order to take his business to the next level, it was best to quit school and focus exclusively on building HostGator.

Seven years and a multi-million dollar complex later, Oxley now has a team of more than 175 HostGator staff members holding the fort in Houston, Texas. Oxley’s attention to helping customers start their presence on the Internet shows in his innovative shared web hosting plans designed exclusively for personal, intermediate, and business customers.

HostGator tops the chart when it comes to advertising. If you have been surfing forums, directories, and online magazines, you most likely have come across an advertisement for HostGator. Oxley spends thousands of dollars a month on advertising to get the word out that HostGator is top-notch when it comes to serving as a shared web hosting provider.

Additionally, Oxley has built a team of first response support technicians, all located on site in Houston, Texas. Oxley says in-house support increases support response times and the quality is significantly better than if they chose to outsource to a 3rd party support company. The company continues to grow by adding thousands of new customers a month at an unprecedented rate. HostGator is one of my top choices for shared web hosting services.

Visit the HostGator website today!

Visit HostGator now to learn more about shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, and dedicated server hosting.

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What is shared web hosting?

April 13th, 2009

Shared web hosting is where your website is hosted on one server with anywhere from 1 to 100 other websites.  Shared web hosting accounts are limited in features, but are generally ideal for people just getting started in web hosting. For example, with a shared web hosting account, you have limited control over your web hosting account. Limited control is not necessarily a bad thing. Most shared web hosting companies give you plenty of control over over your web hosting account to publish a website, create email addresses, check email, upload files, create databases, and install software such as a blog, cms, forum, and so on.

Security and your shared web hosting account

There’s a difference in the security of your shared web hosting account and the security of your visitors purchasing items on your website or providing you with personal information. Since your web hosting account is residing on the same server with hundreds of other shared web hosting accounts, your website is more vulnerable than if you had your own virtual private server, virtual dedicated server, or managed dedicated server.

If you plan on offering products and services on your website or asking visitors for personal information, you need to purchase and install a 128-bit SSL security certificate.

Shared web hosting uptime

Since shared web hosting accounts reside on servers with hundreds of other web hosting accounts, they are more likely to be have service interruptions and possible downtime. If one of the web hosting accounts runs a script that utilizes 100% of the server’s resources, your website will go down. Your website will stay down and offline until the data center technicians finds the rogue account and stop the script from running. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. There may be additional harm caused by the rogue account that may take more time for the server to be available again.

See which shared web hosting provider I choose as a top pick in the Web Hosting Directory.

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What is web hosting?

April 13th, 2009

Web hosting is where and how you store, publish, and serve your website to the world. Let’s say you want to make your website viewable to visitors, customers, or a select group of people. In order to make your website available to the world, you will need web hosting services. You can get web hosting service from any one of thousands of web hosting companies and web hosting providers.

Types of web hosting services

There are dozens of various types of web hosting available on the market today. Some hosting companies provide services to a specific niche market while others provide hosting to a general market. Each of the following are available in two operating system platforms - Linux and Windows.

What you can expect to pay for web hosting services

Web hosting prices are all over the map. You can get web hosting free (usually sponsored by obtrusive advertisements) or you can expect to pay anywhere from $1 to $100,000 or more for web hosting services. Generally, you can find excellent shared web hosting services from a reliable web hosting provider for around $5-$10 a month. More expensive web hosting is generally for larger organizations or extremely busy websites.

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Welcome to Dave On Web Hosting, web hosting hot spot

April 12th, 2009

What is Dave On Web Hosting

Welcome to Dave On Web Hosting, your web hosting hot spot. Finally a blog that caters exclusively to helping you learn everything you need to know about web hosting including top hosting company profiles, hosting definitions, and hosting news.

Whether you are looking for shared web hosting, dedicated hosting, or you simply want to know the definition of web hosting, this blog is for you.

Dave On Web Hosting is dedicated to providing the latest in web hosting news, lists of top web hosting companies, and a learning center for everything related to web hosting.

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