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Differences between a virtual dedicated server (VDS) and a virtual private server (VPS)

May 29th, 2009

Although virtual dedicated servers (VDS) and virtual private servers (VPS) are similar, the main difference between the two is virtual dedicated servers (VDS) are specifically built, tested, and configured to handle larger websites and web based applications.

Main virtual dedicated server features

  • your own operating system install (Linux or Windows)
  • guaranteed CPU, RAM
  • easy transition from virtual private server (VPS) to dedicated server

Main virtual private server features

  • share the same operating system with other virtual private servers
  • use less reliable local disks for data storage
  • share hardware resources among multiple customers

Which one is right for you?

Both types of virtual servers provide more memory, disk space, power, and reliability than a shared web hosting account and both cost much less than a dedicated server. Fewer hosting companies provide virtual dedicated servers (VDS) as virtual private servers (VPS) are more common. In most cases, your shared web hosting provider offers virtual private server (VPS) services and will upgrade your shared web hosting account to a VPS plan. Contact your hosting provider to determine the best approach for your specific needs.

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