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What is an unmanaged server?

May 17th, 2009

An unmanaged server means the hosting provider only monitors the status of the network, but does not perform maintenance or routine support on the server unless otherwise specified. Unmanaged servers are ideal for system administrators and engineers who want full control over their servers. Even if you are an experienced system administrator or server engineer, you can still select from a variety of options available on both managed dedicated servers and semi-managed dedicated servers.

Unmanaged by default

Most hosting companies offer servers as “unmanaged” by default. Hosting providers give you the option to configure your server the way you want using the hardware, services, and support specific to your needs. You can start with an umanaged server, add a few services to become a semi-managed server, and eventually add an entire list of services for a fully managed dedicated server. The options and configurations are usually flexible depending your requirements.

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What is a server?

April 13th, 2009

A server is similar to your home computer. Like your home computer, servers have a hard drive, memory, CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, and a processor. Servers have a few other hardware components specifically designed for serving websites and web based applications on the Internet. Servers can be as powerful as your home computer, but are usually designed with more powerful components needed to run and maintain web based services.

Popular server brands and manufacturers

Like your home computer, servers are manufactured by leading companies such as Dell, HP, and IBM. Some servers are custom built using components manufactured from various brands. There is not a particular brand that’s better than the other, but hosting companies usually prefer one brand over another brand. Generally the brand of server is only important to customers if they plan on managing the server themselves.

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