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Turnkey Internet Launches Green-Friendly Hybrid Web Servers

October 8th, 2009

Web Hosting Company Turnkey Internet Launches Green-Friendly Hybrid Web Servers

TurnKey Internet has added a great new line of servers, the Green-Friendly Hybrid Web Server Line. These fully-managed hybrids offer the performance and reliability of TurnKey’s dedicated servers, with increased energy efficiency at an affordable price. Adam Wills, President and CEO of TurnKey Internet, says “The hybrid server finds the perfect balance of price, performance and reliability and it’s very environmentally friendly.”

A dedicated web server is often sitting idle between tasks. Even so, it still consumes the same amount of electricity as when running at full capacity. TurnKey Internet’s Hybrid Web Server Line solves this problem.  Hybrid servers provide the same performance as a dedicated web server for up to 8 clients on one machine translating into less use of electricity per client. This should be great news for all businesses and individuals who are concerned about our environment. Through TurnKey Internet’s Hybrid Web Server Line you can purchase a high-quality web hosting solution that saves money and reduces the carbon footprint.

Green-Friendly Hybrid Web Servers Features Include

All of TurnKey Internet’s hybrid servers are backed by 24×7 gold-level, fully-managed support previously only available on their dedicated line. With a choice of Windows or Linux, each hybrid server includes free cPanel or Plesk, bare metal off-site back-ups, a managed firewall, system administrative assistance, security monitoring and auditing and free server migration assistance.

Excerpted from Turnkey Internet News.

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