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What is the best managed dedicated hosting company?

September 23rd, 2009

Top web hosting companies differentiate themselves by offering unique features, services, and characteristics. There isn’t just one hosting company that I consider as “the best managed dedicated hosting company.” Instead, there are several managed dedicated hosting server companies that rank high on my list.

The list of top managed dedicated hosting server companies


Turnkey Internet





Steadfast Networks

What makes these companies worth choosing?

1. Each company brings something unique to managed dedicated server hosting including network, hardware, software, and peering technology.

2. Each company has a track record of superior services including testimonials and awards.

3. Each company does not go by price alone. Instead they focus on quality, quality hosting for customers and clients that rely on network, hardware, and server uptime.

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SingleHop Launches New Data Center

May 21st, 2009

Managed dedicated web hosting provider SingleHop, launches a new data center in Elk Grove, IL.

According to Zak Boca, SingleHop’s President and CEO, “the data center space at the new facility allows us to locate our client’s servers in one of the most technologically advanced facilities, not only in the Chicago area, but world-wide. We have superb redundancy, connectivity, fire and cooling systems that we can depend on. This facility wasn’t refit, or re-engineered. It was built entirely from the ground up to anticipate high server density. It allows for our company to use all of our space, and power. With 48U cabinets and the ability to more than adequately handle 12KW per cab, we’ll waste less money and resources, which in turn will keep our clients from paying for inefficiencies.”

Some specifications of SingleHop’s new data center include:

• 10,000 square feet of available, raised-floor data center space
• 210 watts of power capacity per square foot
• Up to 12 kilowatts of power per cabinet
• Laser-based early fire detection system (VESDA)
• 24-hour security: bullet-resistant security area, level III walls and doors, keycard & biometric ID
• On-site NOC staffed 24/7/365 by SingleHop technicians

For the new data center, SingleHop entered into a $2.5 Million agreement with collocation provider ServerCentral, which operates this facility within DuPont Fabros Technology, Inc’s (NYSE:DFT) facility in Elk Grove Village, IL.

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To learn why chose SingleHop as a top pick for managed dedicated servers, read the SingleHop directory post.

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