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Steadfast Networks Launches Green Initiative

March 12th, 2010

steadfast-logoSteadfast Networks Announces Carbon Neutral Hosting Services

On Tuesday, March 9, 2010, Steadfast Networks announced its environmental green initiative by implementing a 100% carbon offset for staff commuting, office usage, core infrastructure, networking equipment, shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and backup services. Steadfast Networks is certified “carbon neutral” by, an environmentally-friendly organization that helps businesses reduce and offset their climate impact.

Reducing trash by using local vendors

Amadi Server Hardware VendorSteadfast Networks receives 90% of its equipment from a local hardware vendor, Amadi Systems, allowing the dedicated server hosting company to reduce emissions typically associated with transporting hardware and servers. Steadfast orders their equipment from Amadi Systems with no packing materials, resulting in a significant reduction of trash. Steadfast Networks says all paper and cardboard products, equipment, hardware, and servers building-wide are recycled.

Karl Zimmerman, President and CEO of Steadfast Networks, says, “Not having to unpack equipment has increased the speed of operations and made our Chicago hosting services and data centers run more efficiently. Highly efficient network systems and dedicated server hosting also reduce carbon outputs, and those are options we also offer to customers who want to reduce their carbon imprint.” Zimmerman also believes that people who are passionate about caring for our world are loyal to companies who share that same sense of responsibility.

Learn more about Steadfast Networks

For more information on Steadfast Networks’ green initiative, or to suggest more ways to reduce the carbon footprint, visit

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What is colocation hosting?

February 3rd, 2010

Colocation hosting is where you provide the servers and the hosting company provides the rack space, network, connectivity, and on-site support as needed. Colocation customers often build their own servers, customized with the hardware, software, and components they want to use. Then they ship their newly built servers to a colocation hosting provider.

Colocation hosting providers charge per server, per half rack, per whole rack, and per cage. A per server charge is typically indicated as 1U. A full rack can hold 42 1Us. A half rack can hold 21 1Us. Of course that number can vary depending on the size of the server. And a cage can hold, well, it depends on the cage size and how much space the data center has allocated for cage space.

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