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January 19th, 2010

dedicatednow-logoCompany Name: DedicatedNOW


Year Established: 1997

Founder: Jason Silverglate

Location: Clifton, New Jersey

Web Hosting Services: Dedicated Servers, Managed Dedicated Servers

Control Panels Offered: Parallels, cPanel

Why I choose DedicatedNOW for dedicated server hosting.

You’ll see a trend here at Dave On Web Hosting. Many of the hosting companies I write about have been established since the mid to late 1990’s. DedicatedNOW was established in 1997 and has been providing dedicated server hosting and managed dedicated server hosting to thousands of small to large businesses. But you are most likely reading this post because you want to know what makes DedicatedNOW a leader in providing dedicated server and managed dedicated server hosting services. Okay, so what makes DedicatedNOW one of my top choices for dedicated server and managed dedicated server hosting?

There are multiple reasons DedicatedNOW is a top choice.

  1. Flexibility
  2. 100% uptime SLA
  3. Dynamic Support
  4. Affordability

DedicatedNOW does not charge RackSpace or Peer 1 pricing, but you get a 100% uptime SLA in addition to superior support services including Dynamic Support team and proactive monitoring. And there’s absolutely no intimidation factor involved. You can get a dedicated server fully managed based on your specific requirements. DedicatedNOW makes it easy to get started with low pricing options, ideal for those individuals, companies, and organizations that want to get started with dedicated servers.

2009 100% uptime

Recently DedicatedNOW published a 100% uptime for all of 2009. I will post more about DedicatedNOW’s 2009 100% uptime in an upcoming blog post.

Want to know more about DedicatedNOW? Contact me to learn more.

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Liquid Web

January 19th, 2010

Company Name: Liquid Web


Year Established: 1997

Founder: Matthew Hill

Location: Lansing, Michigan

Web Hosting Services: Dedicated Servers, Managed Dedicated Servers

Control Panels Offered: Parallels, cPanel

Why I choose Liquid Web for dedicated server hosting.

Liquid Web has been around since 1997. I first learned about Liquid Web in 1999. At the time, they were one of the few pioneers in the hosting industry. In the early days, Liquid Web did not have reliable services. Support was not responsive and servers would go down periodically. But one thing they did have going for them, and continue to do so today, is their branding.

Whether it’s from word of mouth, site referrals, or general advertising, Liquid Web was and continues to be upfront and center for customers looking for a dedicated server or managed dedicated server solution. But you cannot rely on branding and marketing tactics alone. Liquid Web quickly realized that and decided to make some significant improvements around 2004-2005.

Since then they have built their own data centers (now up to three) and drastically improved support by introducing Heroic Support (move over Fanatical Support) and Sonar Monitoring. I’m a fan of innovative marketing and branding. And if you’ve been reading any of Dave On Web Hosting blog posts, you’ll know that one of the most important features of any web hosting company is the usability of their website. Visit Liquid Web and you’ll see all the dedicated server and managed dedicated server hosting products and services are well organized and easy to find. The site provides plenty of nicely written content to support their product and service offerings.

Want to know more about Liquid Web? Contact me to learn more.

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April 17th, 2009

shCompany Name: SingleHop


Year Established: 2006

Founder: Zak Boca

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Web Hosting Services: Dedicated Servers, Managed Servers, Semi-Managed Servers, Unmanaged Servers

Control Panels Offered: cPanel, Plesk

Why I choose SingleHop for dedicated servers.

SingleHop is one of the top leading managed dedicated servers in the industry. The SingleHop website is user-friendly, clean, and designed really well. One of the major factors in growing a dedicated server company is having a website that’s presentable, usable, and fun to view. By fun I mean Poindexter, SingleHop’s amphibious mascot. Poindexter greets you on every page of the website, thereby creating a fun atmosphere while browsing for your next dedicated server.

Pricing - high quality services at competitive prices make SingleHop one of the most popular dedicated server hosting companies. In fact, the company just released a blog post April 17, 2009 on Q1 2009 sales being up 400% compared to Q1 2008. SingleHop provisioned 1,000 dedicated servers in Q1 2009 alone, with 500 of those in one month! If a hosting provider provides statistics on growth, imagine what kind of support you’ll be getting when you choose SingleHop as your next dedicated server hosting company.

Zack Boca and Dan Ushman, co-founders of SingleHop, built their infrastructure in downtown Chicago, Il, at the center of connectivity for the ultimate in bandwidth and power availability. With SingleHop, you can get the same hardware and software as other leading companies, but you get more - they provide a solid network, superior support, and consistently reinvest profits to improve services.

When it comes to innovation, SingleHop tops the chart with their LEAP webtop. LEAP webtop is a web-based control panel that sits on your desktop and gives you full access to managing your server. The control panel comes free with every dedicated server account and saves customers time by offering features such as

  • Fully integrated account management, support, billing and server management features
  • One interface, one password to remember
  • Unique Jump-to-SSH and Jump-to-RDP features

SingleHop also created LEAP mobile for managing your server via your cell phone, iphone, or any mobile phone with Internet access.

Visit the SingleHop website today!

Visit SingleHop now to learn more about managed dedicated server solutions.

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