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Best Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting in Chicago

February 2nd, 2010

SingleHop Dedicated Server HostingWith dozens of cities claiming “best unmanaged dedicated server hosting,” Chicago tops the chart with one of the fastest growing dedicated server hosting companies in the industry. SingleHop is clearly the “best unmanaged dedicated server hosting company in Chicago” with its impressive quarter after quarter growth and annual growth by 100% or more. The dedicated server hosting company offers its unmanaged dedicated server hosting with “a la carte” options including Quick Reaction Monitoring, Event Notifications, Server Backups, Kernel & OS updates, Spam Filtering, and other services that can be added according to the customer’s specific needs and interests.

Why SingleHop

If you have been following Dave on Web Hosting, you’ll see a list of blog posts related to SingleHop (search for SingleHop) on why they are one of the fastest growing dedicated server hosting companies. And you’ll see why I think they are quickly becoming a leading dedicated server hosting company. Read my SingleHop company profile post to learn more or check out the SingleHop alternatives I mention below.

SingleHop Alternatives

Steadfast Networks Dedicated Server HostingAre there alternative unmanaged dedicated server hosting companies in Chicago that are paving the way with high quality hosting services? You bet. Head on over to Steadfast Networks. By default, you’ll get basic management (not quite semi-managed, but basic enough to be considered unmanaged). Steadfast Networks has multiple data centers in Chicago (like SingleHop) and offers a variety of features and options. Both are high quality dedicated server hosting companies that can get customers started quickly by providing solutions for just about anyone looking for an umanaged server offering.

Why Steadfast Networks

The reason I didn’t list Steadfast Networks first is all their dedicated servers come with basic management. That said, I still think if you are looking for an alternative to SingleHop, take a look at Steadfast Networks and use the basic management services included with every dedicated server. Plus you get a 100% uptime SLA, 4-hour hardware replacement, and a full suite of On-Demand services such as Security Assessment, DNS Management, and Anti-Virus Protection. In addition, Steadfast Networks has made the Inc. 5000 list: See the Steadfast Networks Ranks in Top 1000 on Prestigious Inc. 5000 List press release for more information.

Talk to Dave

Want your hosting company to be featured at Dave on Web Hosting? Contact me today with details or post your comments below.

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January 19th, 2010

dedicatednow-logoCompany Name: DedicatedNOW


Year Established: 1997

Founder: Jason Silverglate

Location: Clifton, New Jersey

Web Hosting Services: Dedicated Servers, Managed Dedicated Servers

Control Panels Offered: Parallels, cPanel

Why I choose DedicatedNOW for dedicated server hosting.

You’ll see a trend here at Dave On Web Hosting. Many of the hosting companies I write about have been established since the mid to late 1990’s. DedicatedNOW was established in 1997 and has been providing dedicated server hosting and managed dedicated server hosting to thousands of small to large businesses. But you are most likely reading this post because you want to know what makes DedicatedNOW a leader in providing dedicated server and managed dedicated server hosting services. Okay, so what makes DedicatedNOW one of my top choices for dedicated server and managed dedicated server hosting?

There are multiple reasons DedicatedNOW is a top choice.

  1. Flexibility
  2. 100% uptime SLA
  3. Dynamic Support
  4. Affordability

DedicatedNOW does not charge RackSpace or Peer 1 pricing, but you get a 100% uptime SLA in addition to superior support services including Dynamic Support team and proactive monitoring. And there’s absolutely no intimidation factor involved. You can get a dedicated server fully managed based on your specific requirements. DedicatedNOW makes it easy to get started with low pricing options, ideal for those individuals, companies, and organizations that want to get started with dedicated servers.

2009 100% uptime

Recently DedicatedNOW published a 100% uptime for all of 2009. I will post more about DedicatedNOW’s 2009 100% uptime in an upcoming blog post.

Want to know more about DedicatedNOW? Contact me to learn more.

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Liquid Web

January 19th, 2010

Company Name: Liquid Web


Year Established: 1997

Founder: Matthew Hill

Location: Lansing, Michigan

Web Hosting Services: Dedicated Servers, Managed Dedicated Servers

Control Panels Offered: Parallels, cPanel

Why I choose Liquid Web for dedicated server hosting.

Liquid Web has been around since 1997. I first learned about Liquid Web in 1999. At the time, they were one of the few pioneers in the hosting industry. In the early days, Liquid Web did not have reliable services. Support was not responsive and servers would go down periodically. But one thing they did have going for them, and continue to do so today, is their branding.

Whether it’s from word of mouth, site referrals, or general advertising, Liquid Web was and continues to be upfront and center for customers looking for a dedicated server or managed dedicated server solution. But you cannot rely on branding and marketing tactics alone. Liquid Web quickly realized that and decided to make some significant improvements around 2004-2005.

Since then they have built their own data centers (now up to three) and drastically improved support by introducing Heroic Support (move over Fanatical Support) and Sonar Monitoring. I’m a fan of innovative marketing and branding. And if you’ve been reading any of Dave On Web Hosting blog posts, you’ll know that one of the most important features of any web hosting company is the usability of their website. Visit Liquid Web and you’ll see all the dedicated server and managed dedicated server hosting products and services are well organized and easy to find. The site provides plenty of nicely written content to support their product and service offerings.

Want to know more about Liquid Web? Contact me to learn more.

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What is cloud hosting?

January 12th, 2010

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is highly scalable, near-infinite storage space, bandwidth, and backup capabilities. Cloud hosting utilizes sophisticated virtualization technology software on a cluster of servers. A website or application can sit in the cloud and run on multiple hosting nodes that are monitored and adjusted according to the space, bandwidth, and backup needs of the website or application.

Related: Cloud Computing

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The Rackspace Cloud

January 12th, 2010

the-rackspace-cloud-logoCompany Name: The Rackspace Cloud


Year Established: Somewhere around 2004 (read the rackspace cloud about page to learn why I say “somewhere around 2004″)

Founder: Two web developers and the support of Rackspace (with a bit of Fanatical Support).

Location: Houston, Texas

Web Hosting Services: Cloud Hosting, Cloud Computing

Control Panels Offered: Maybe custom or something developed in-house?

Why I choose The Rackspace Cloud for cloud hosting services.

I’ve been in the hosting industry for over a decade. In the early days, The Rackspace Cloud’s parent company, Rackspace, mailed these incredible marketing pieces that described their Fanatical Support and what made the company different than other hosting companies. As a marketing professional (and someone who follows top hosting companies daily), their marketing piece stood out and was immediately ingrained in my mind. Since then I have continued to follow Rackspace’s development including The Rackspace Cloud, their cloud hosting and cloud computing division.

Rackspace is not your ordinary web hosting company. And they tend to be a bit on the expensive side. But as the old adage says, “you get what you pay for,” certainly holds true with Rackspace. Many companies moving to the cloud for their hosting needs (SaaS companies, for example) make the move to Rackspace for a cluster of dedicated servers, backed by a 100% uptime guarantee and a team of fanatics that will go way out of their way to provide you with top-notch support. There are other companies that will do the same. Take a look at my top web hosting companies list for a list of said companies.

Before you head over to The Rackspace Cloud website, take note that the site caters to businesses of all sizes.  And then for you web developers out there, they offer some impressive cloud computing services in addition to cloud hosting services. Suppose you are building an application and want to run some benchmark tests or user load testing or whatever it is that you fancy coders do. The Rackspace Cloud is your best place to visit should the need for cloud hosting or cloud computing be needed. And for the SaaS in you (you know what I’m talking about), take a peek at The Rackspace Cloud’s cloud hosting services.

As typical with anything related to Rackspace (just like the marketing piece I received in the mail nearly a decade ago), The Rackspace Cloud website is designed extremely well. Easy to use, easy to navigate, all the right colors and content. It’s simply a great site and one of the many reasons I like Rackspace. For a list of criteria a company must meet before being featured here at, read the top web hosting companies list.

Want a $25 discount on your first month? Contact me to find out how.

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What is the best managed dedicated hosting company?

September 23rd, 2009

Top web hosting companies differentiate themselves by offering unique features, services, and characteristics. There isn’t just one hosting company that I consider as “the best managed dedicated hosting company.” Instead, there are several managed dedicated hosting server companies that rank high on my list.

The list of top managed dedicated hosting server companies


Turnkey Internet





Steadfast Networks

What makes these companies worth choosing?

1. Each company brings something unique to managed dedicated server hosting including network, hardware, software, and peering technology.

2. Each company has a track record of superior services including testimonials and awards.

3. Each company does not go by price alone. Instead they focus on quality, quality hosting for customers and clients that rely on network, hardware, and server uptime.

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Differences between a virtual dedicated server (VDS) and a virtual private server (VPS)

May 29th, 2009

Although virtual dedicated servers (VDS) and virtual private servers (VPS) are similar, the main difference between the two is virtual dedicated servers (VDS) are specifically built, tested, and configured to handle larger websites and web based applications.

Main virtual dedicated server features

  • your own operating system install (Linux or Windows)
  • guaranteed CPU, RAM
  • easy transition from virtual private server (VPS) to dedicated server

Main virtual private server features

  • share the same operating system with other virtual private servers
  • use less reliable local disks for data storage
  • share hardware resources among multiple customers

Which one is right for you?

Both types of virtual servers provide more memory, disk space, power, and reliability than a shared web hosting account and both cost much less than a dedicated server. Fewer hosting companies provide virtual dedicated servers (VDS) as virtual private servers (VPS) are more common. In most cases, your shared web hosting provider offers virtual private server (VPS) services and will upgrade your shared web hosting account to a VPS plan. Contact your hosting provider to determine the best approach for your specific needs.

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What is an unmanaged server?

May 17th, 2009

An unmanaged server means the hosting provider only monitors the status of the network, but does not perform maintenance or routine support on the server unless otherwise specified. Unmanaged servers are ideal for system administrators and engineers who want full control over their servers. Even if you are an experienced system administrator or server engineer, you can still select from a variety of options available on both managed dedicated servers and semi-managed dedicated servers.

Unmanaged by default

Most hosting companies offer servers as “unmanaged” by default. Hosting providers give you the option to configure your server the way you want using the hardware, services, and support specific to your needs. You can start with an umanaged server, add a few services to become a semi-managed server, and eventually add an entire list of services for a fully managed dedicated server. The options and configurations are usually flexible depending your requirements.

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What is a semi-managed server?

May 17th, 2009

A semi-managed server is a combination of server management services provided by a team of experienced server technicians and the organization leasing the server. Both parties will share the responsibility of installing software, applying security updates, monitoring, and hardware configuration to keep servers running at peak performance.

Available services on semi-managed servers

The same services on managed servers can be provided on semi-managed servers. With semi-managed servers, you can choose which options you want your dedicated server hosting company to provide. Generally, a semi-managed server hosting company will allow you to select two or more items from a list of services for a fixed monthly cost.

Semi-managed servers are ideal for experienced system administrators. The most poopular services requested on semi-managed servers are remote monitoring and backups. Dedicated hosting companies have the infrastructure, software, and hardware to perform monitoring and backups, which could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month.

You pick and choose

Some semi-managed dedicated server providers offer pre-configured packages with the ability to purchase additional services a la carte. View the What is a managed dedicated server? article for a full list of services available on semi-managed dedicated servers.

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What is a managed server?

May 17th, 2009

A managed server is maintained by a team of experienced server technicians who install software, security updates, monitoring, and hardware configuration to keep servers running at peak performance. Most hosting companies that offer dedicated servers also include managed dedicated server hosting as part of their hosting services.

Available services on managed servers

Managed dedicated server hosting providers offer a variety of features you can customize or purchase as a prepackaged service. Features include the following.

  • Managed firewall for added security.
  • Operating System reinstall.
  • Third party software installation and support.
  • Server monitoring.
  • Transaction reporting.
  • Hardware replacement.
  • Consulting advice on how to scale your server farm or server cluster.
  • 24/7/365 dedicated support by phone, chat, email and sometimes a dedicated account representative.
  • Premium bandwidth.
  • Service License Agreement (SLA).

Benefits of using managed servers

There are many benefits to using managed servers. Hosting companies and hosting providers that specialize in managed services, managed servers, and managed dedicated servers, have the resources, infrastructure, and cost-effective means to keep your servers running. Additional benefits of using managed servers include the following.

  1. Guaranteed uptime.
  2. Scalability.
  3. Cost effective.
  4. High availability or maximum uptime.
  5. Daily management and maintenance.
  6. Support.
  7. Security.
  8. Custom built servers.
  9. Virtual IT department.
  10. Lower upfront costs.
  11. Faster deployment.
  12. Access to certified experts.

Ideal uses for managed servers

Small, medium, and large enterprises take advantage of the benefits of using managed servers. Ideal uses for managed servers include:

  • Disaster recovery solutions.
  • Mission critical applications.
  • Custom applications and websites.
  • Hosting sensitive data.

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